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Examining a global issue through localized lenses

A collection of public, spoken-word documentary performances and visual art which reference HIV/AIDS 

Contracting an Issue is a social awareness art project, which began as an artistic endeavor between the artist, Gk Callahan and collaborator/photographer, Allison Webber. The project produces and archives collections of public, spoken-word documentary performances, and visual art which reference HIV/AIDS. The project is based on the stories and truths they hold for individuals, in varying communities around the globe.


Recent Developments


April 14, 2017

The featured painting below was created in response to our Artist Series #1 blog post. The artist series is one of the ways CAI is expanding our reach, the goal of this series is to feature other artist works which are having a dialog around the issue of HIV/AIDS; we wanted to expand the conversation outside of our spoken-word documentary performances.

This painting is a collaborative piece between Bruce Burstert and GK Callahan; which speaks about love, loss, HIV/AIDS, and aging. Sitting in the garden,1995...But I am still here?- Acrylic, and bees wax-encaustic on canvas- 2017


April 13, 2016


Contracting An Issue is currently producing our third production in the Tampa / St. Petersburg Florida area, and we want to hear your story.  To be part of our project CLICK HERE & submit the anonymous form, we will contact you shortly. 

The language in this video was partly influenced by the article "Why is #PrepSoWhite?"/ Nic Holas / Tue, 2016-03-15

November 16th 2015

Extra, Extra read all about it!!!


You might have heard the news, but we are here to confirm it’s true! Contracting An Issue project is making a début in Tampa/St Petersburg Florida with the help and partnership of Metro Wellness!!!

Metro will be hosting CIA (December 11th and 12th) for our storytelling auditions, along with our visual interviews segments. This first weekend will be a pinnacle part of our third iteration in the CAI series.  For more information, please follow this link. Last, but not least, make sure to scroll down, and check out our most current mini-doc on our time in Kansas City, or go to our "about" link under engagements!

July 2nd 2015

Contracting An Issue—Kansas City // A Documentary!

Please check out our in-progress documentary film which premiered in the 16th annual Out Here Now: The Kansas City Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. As part of the bigger picture across the globe, the short documentary focuses on our time in Kansas City, and our public, spoken-word documentary performance; addressing the stigma and body politics around HIV/AIDS in Kansas City.

June 25th 2015

Please save the date (June 27th // 12-noon @ Tivoli Cinemas) for the Contracting An Issue—Kansas City documentary!

Contracting an Issue is thrilled to announce a great opportunity to show an in-progress documentary film for the 16th annual Out Here Now: The Kansas City Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 

This is a free interactive event;

Doors open at 11:30 am, and the show is at 12- noon

April 29th 2015

Below is a copy of our talk with Mark Manning on "Wednesday MidDay Medley" KKFI 90.1 FM. THANKS Mark for the opportunity to talk about Contracting An Issue-KC live on the radio. We were thrilled to be on such an awesome show, KKFI 90.1 FM is a great community resource here in Kansas City.

April 13rd 2015


At 6:00pm on Wednesday, April 29 LikeMe Lighthouse (3909 Main St., KCMO) will host a performance of Contracting An Issue- Kansas City.

A spoken-word documentary performance collaboration from artists, Gk Callahan, Allison Webber, and Cat Mahari. Contracting An Issue- Kansas City is composed of local stories and questions about HIV/AIDS here in Kansas City.

This is a free event, light refreshments will be provided.

April 3rd 2015

With our upcoming Kansas City engagement, we are thrilled to announce we have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with artist and choreographer, Cat Mahari-(Johnson).

Cat Mahari is a dancer and performance artist whose work is based in exploring collaboration, practice, and research of known and unknown movement disciplines, video projects, and music. She has performed nationally and internationally. In 2011, she received her MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK. Johnson focuses on issues of communication-relationship paradigms. Her investigations utilize, convey, and present a diversity of processes pertaining to individuality and culture. She is both self-taught and has had guided training in urban dance, ballet, and contemporary movements, and utilizes lived experience across a spectrum of politics, society, and culture.

Mahari writes: “In my practice, movement acts as a hinge onto visual language that opens paths into shifting perspectives of the meaning and worth of communications. My underpinning mission is in attempts of consistently re-establishing the disarray, humor, connectivity, and vibrancy of all human based relationships. This is taken up through planting my projects in the greater sphere of collaboration initiatives and individuality, so that marginal voices, visions, and actions can be recognized.”- CHARLOTTE STREET FOUNDATION STUDIO RESIDENCY PROGRAM

March 18th 2015

It's official; please be part of our arts project! We have launched a crowdfunding campaign with RocketHub, PLEASE help us get funded! Follow the link to → DONATE    

It is also an invaluable help by Tweeting, Facebooking, and Re-posting about our campaign. Any assistance will go a long way in helping us complete our next step!

March 15th 2015

Attached is a short video; asking for your support in producing our work, and explaining a key part of how this project began.

February 19th 2015

Good news, part one of the Smithsonian featuring the Please Touch Community Garden ( the predecessor to this project ) is up and live on their website! The garden is blessed to be part of an upcoming web exhibit, which should be out sometime in the spring. We were happy to see the Smithsonian mention Contracting An Issue. Big thanks! Click here to read the article

November 19th 2014

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce, Fractured Atlas has awarded us fiscal sponsorship / 501(c)(3) status. We have officially launched our project you can help support us by making a donation by clicking here → DONATE       

Contracting An Issue is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Contracting An Issue must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.                                                                                                         

To learn other ways to help or participate please click here Help, Connect, Participate

Please check out below an abbreviated short video documenting the initial dialog in the Contracting An Issue project  

Or click here to see more of our past Engagements

"Always Waiting"

All photography provided by Collaborator Allison Webber